Narrayan's Jayamurghan Project

Jayamurghan Project

R. L. Narrayan

Architect Narrayan and Associates, a renowned architectural firm in Mumbai was started in 2000 by Architect R.L Narrayan with only two staff, has now grown into 70 professional staff within a span of 8 years only. Born in 1972 and completed his graduation diploma in architecture from Institute of Environmental Design, VVN, Mr. Narrayan commenced his career in 1997 with the firm Doshi and Bhalla.

Mr. Narrayan has won many prestigious awards such as 'Bhartiya Shiromanj Puraskar' in 2006 as an excellence for enhancing the image of India by Institute of Economic studies & development, New Delhi.

Also awarded as 'Architect for excellence (Business) award 2006' for his outstanding services to the society and excellence in the architectural field for Individual Achievement & nation building. In 2008, Mr. Narrayan has been honored by the award ''Bunts Sangha Mumbai' by honorable minister of agriculture.

The firm Architect Narrayan and Associates conceptualized, designed, and execute, projects ranging from corporate office, commercial, residential, malls, hotel & resorts, Institutional, hospitals and various other diverse fields in architectural/interiors. They are also involved in designing railway stations; urban planning and redevelopment projects and uses complete high technology and computer aided engineering tools.

The firm has completed many prestigious projects in and around the country. Some of its important clients are: Reliance Energy, Sahara Group of Companies, ICICI Bank, monster, Adlabs, Nelito, Kumar Builders, Business Solution Pvt Ltd, Writer, and so on. They are also doing many international projects in countries like Muscat, ShriLanka and UAE.

Architect Narrayan has recently completed a residential project in Chennai for the Client Mr. J.Jayamurghan who is professionally a businessman. According to Mr. Narrayan, when we first visited the site, the site seems to be in a complete scenic environment, with tall trees, greenery all across the neighborhood. Despite been in the middle of the city, it seems aloof from the city environment itself and to us it's a perfect plot for a villa, which should have this serene environment.

Jayamurghan's Details
Project : J.Jayamurghan Villa, Chennai
Plot Area : 1000 SM
Total Built-up : 1600 SM

Jayamurghan Villa

Before started working on the project, we first had the meeting with the client at his existing house. We have chosen the above said venue for meeting just to know the kind of environment he lives in, and we knew at the very offset that there should be a drastic change to the overall life style that he lives. We not only had to make sure that the traditional style of living should not be overlooked, but had to make sure that all the amenities of a modern and a high tech living had to be incorporated.

jayamurghan Villa, Chennai

Design of Villa

Design of Villa

The plot was in a rectangular shape which had a narrow width; this affected the overall design, as the house became longitudinal in design, it was particularly difficult to save space from corridor. The brief given to us about the requirement of the inhabitants has to be completed fulfilled. The design of the villa should cater to all their needs. The space should have a lot of natural light, well ventilated and each room to be spacious. Most importantly, the house should be completely 'Vastu' compliant.

The building has been designed keeping the aspect of various flows of the privacies of the inhabitant. It has ground plus two upper floors. The ground has space for Formal living room, and an office attached to it. There is a formal dining area, family dining and kitchen, and it also has two bedrooms for senior citizen of the family. The whole layout revolves around the atrium in the middle of the house with an elegant metal / wooden staircase connecting the various levels. The first floor has four bedrooms with family room and a small study room, the whole space revolves around this atrium which has a tension rod patch fitted glass. So as this atrium is well lighted and looks spacious.

J Jayamurghan Villa

This atrium is more of a night space which has reflected light, and a lot of ceiling hanging lights, the whole space has a complete mood lighting system. As been a central space and the other rooms revolving around this, it has attraction which cannot be missed.

The second floor has been divided into terrace for parties and the recreational area such as theater room, gymnasium, a Small Spa which as steam and Jacuzzi, whereas the other half of the house has swimming pool attached with changing rooms.


The interior has been designed to have a post colonial feel with a flavor of contemporary elements. The spaces in each area has high ceiling with quite a bit of diffuse lighting, this itself gave a very post colonial modernistic feel. The colors and textures been used in each area has a very versatile and a combination of traditional and modernistic feel, there has been use of lot of wallpapers which has floral as well as geometric design, keeping in mind the space that it envelopes, detail design in each room has been particularly looked at as an integral part of an overall design.

Isha Narrayan

According to Associates Interior Designer Isha Narrayan, also the wife of Mr. Narrayan, "It was during the interiors that we had to look at the usages of the mix between traditional colors and modern aspect of the house. The house has a complete system of a BMS integration between, Air-condition, lighting, security and fire alarm system. It has also the most modern system in terms of efficiency of power consumption."

She further says, we have used centralized VRV system for the entire house, which has been specially designed and ordered from Japan, this has a complete integration with BMS System. The security system been used are of one of the most high-tech systems, with 14 cameras around the house, remote locking system and burglar alarm system.

Jayamurghan Villa Interiors

The Complete Villa was a minimalist design. Wooden Floor were used in all the Bedrooms which clearly reflects very warm, rich and spacious look.

The Pure wooden Stairs with Open steel railings depicts beautiful combination of classical and modern concepts— from the Ground Level, the Entrance view is breathtaking impressive as the complete staircase and 2 levels are viewed. The Open lobby gives a very inviting look with minimum seating on the entrance.

The wooden high ceiling with huge glass windows and high wall curtains in the family room creates a very welcoming ambience; the designed focus is on the wooden ceiling with interesting colors used in the family area maintaining the modern concept.

Wooden High Ceiling

Isha says, "It is vital to understand Client's requirement for designing his House. We tried our best to clearly perceive his point of view. It is this practice that we always developed projects beyond the client's expectations."

The construction of the building took approx. one year for completion. The construction method has been a framed structure with usage of local material. The overall construction has been carried out keeping in mind the green building concept which has been applied at minute's details. The usage of shaded areas, the larger openings towards the east and the west side are kept with shading coefficient in mind.
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