Redefining Facade Designs Through Parametric & Computational Techniques

Sushant Verma
Mr. Sushant Verma (M.Arch. Em.Tech. - AA London, B.Arch. SSAA New Delhi, MCoA India), an architect & computational designer, is a founder of a leading research organization rat[LAB] - Research in Architecture & Technology, an independent research organization and network of designers & researchers specializing in computational design or similar technology-related domains. Operated as a cloud-based organization with an international network of researchers & computational designers, spread across UK, USA, Europe, and Asia, and a studio in New Delhi, India, the research cell functions as a global collaborative and multidisciplinary laboratory facilitating design research that leads to novel spatial tectonics and smart built environments.

rat[LAB] specializes in Facade design systems using Parametric and Computational techniques, incorporating environment criteria such as heat, light, wind as well as material and structural intelligence. Mr. Verma stresses on the need for computational technology and aims to bring in the new breed of designers - computational designers - to the country. This can change the way architects and designers conceive a project and how designs are realized in the industry. rat[LAB] uses cutting-edge computational and parametric techniques and works with designers to facilitate them on projects of all scales and typology.

Earlier worked as an architect at Zaha Hadid Architects, London & a Sr. Editor at Arch2O, Mr. Verma holds teaching positions at a number of international universities and is involved in education for computational & parametric design. He is the founder of rat[LAB] EDUCATION, which is an initiative to spread the idea of computation in design profession & education in India.

Recipient of MAK Schindler Award from Vienna / Los Angeles and a finalist for AIA Emerging Leaders Fellowship from Chicago, his work is widely published and exhibited in London, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, San Francisco, Taipei, and New Delhi, among other places. Mr. Verma was recently shortlisted in New Delhi among 5 architects for '20 under 35' Exhibition at Alliance Francaise de Delhi.

He has previously worked at RoboFold London, focusing on development of advanced fabrication and software systems for use of robotics in architectural fabrication. His current research interests are focused on relationship studies between simplicity and complexity, 'super-complexity' and parametric design. His work also investigates in computation involved in digital fabrication & computational tool development for optimizing architectural processes.