Shabnam Gupta

"Architecture in India, in my opinion, is just coming of age where a select few are experimenting and accepting their own visions with open arms. Hopefully this should result in a strong creative wave to preserve the heritage that we have and recreate strong design sensibilities."

Shabnam Gupta believes that each space has its own energy which demands a certain type of design. We just need to be aware and be receptive to it. The design cannot be about the designer it has to be about the client, their requirements and the space itself.

The Orange Lane is a design firm that undertakes interior and architectural projects as design consultants and also provides complete turnkey design solutions. The firm was born in the year 2003. It is the brainchild of Principal Designer, Shabnam Gupta. A Mumbai-based interior designer, Shabnam conjures up visual wonders and is recognized for her personally tailored, client specific interiors that use bursts of colours, textures and other unique elements within a contemporary design palette.

Shabnam Gupta, the designer has actually been about evolving as a person as much as about design. The practice has evolved with younger talent being infused with fresher ideas. The one virtue that she continues to hold on to naturally is her enthusiasm and motivation for experimentation.

The Orange Lane Project
Shabnam has completed her Interior Design Diploma from L.S. Raheja School of Architecture in the year 1994. Gupta honed her skills in various architectural and design projects by working with architect Tushar Desai before setting up her own private practice,The Orange Lane in the year 2003. She has worked under various architects and designers, including a short stint in a film production house. Driven by her energetic style and spirit, the label grew steadily in stature, getting her prestigious projects, initially in the city and later across the country.

She believes Design always has space for innovation.Drawing inspiration from nature, tradition, art, etc. keeps her going and helps her in maintaining the balance in her individual style while letting in some current trends.Vibrant hues and an affinity for nature are recurring elements in all of Shabnam's designs.

She firmly believes that "one's journey in life is a continuous process. It is the journey that matters and not the final destination. Success for different people has different meanings. I am fortunate to be getting the kind of work that gives me the creative freedom and satisfaction to do what I want to do. Personally I do not take these tags seriously at all. I believe that I am a learner and the day I stop learning that will be the end of my creative hunger. More than anything else, the journey so far has taught me to be a calmer person. In our line of work where you have to interact with so many different teams including your own, it teaches you how to handle human relations. Sometimes I joke our job is half of that of a psychiatrist."

Shabnam has developed her own unique style, but she has adopted it across categories and cultures. From urban residential to weekend countryside homes, and from lifestyle stores to hospitality projects, her canvas of work encompasses a wide spectrum. She has created an environment of trust with her clients, utilized her close relationships with traders and executed detailed project management; in all making a seamless project experience.

She is also the owner of a retail venture, Peacock Life, a one-stop lifestyle store that offers a flavor of her eclectic inclination. Peacock Life specializes in designer furniture, lifestyle and interior products. The store offers a collection of earthy, recycled and environment-friendly products that reflect the aesthetic of both the old and the new.