Ar Nikhil Kant Agarwal

"Continuous and constant innovations probably result to excellence in design. That's why no philosophy can be written when it comes to our way of perceiving things related to design/ architecture."

After working for over a decade and having lot of critical acclaims in his basket through experience towards contemporary architecture, Architect Nikhil Kant Agarwal has several noted projects to his credit that have earned him a reputation of critical practice. Thus establishing his own firm as eSpaces Architects few years back with a simple objective of creating sensible, functional spaces enhanced by the intangible sense of emotion of power, of playfulness. His vision is based on a commitment which in return reflects in his way of working.

Ar. Nikhil has won numerous international & national awards in last few years or probably since 2007 onwards. Recently he won "Young Designer award 2016 IA&B" in efforts category for residence. Even his first school project i.e. kindergarten school, Delhi was hugely acclaimed in many national, international magazines/books, awards etc. like it was featured in Atlas of World Architecture (Braun) among few selected works from India, also the same project had won prestigious award as Design Share award 2008 (international platform) awarded for innovative learning environment, only Asian architectural firm who had won this in that particular category. World Architecture Community also congratulated Ar. Nikhil for the same school selected for WA Awards 3rd cycle March 2009. The project was also being rewarded by BBC for global best school buildings.

Talking about the firm design principles and philosophy, Ar. Nikhil says, "Our work is known for its design quality, imagination, and originality. Each project offers an opportunity to pursue new solutions to complex building problems. Our motto is to design, detail and enjoy working in responsive to our client's need in very honest, efficient and professional manner. We believe that our works follow a unique style based on our ideology and perspective towards the design requirement. The word 'eSpaces'(a Spanish word) is a very integral part of our being. We move for, with & through Spaces. We identify with it, our senses response to Spaces, we feel it."

eSpaces Architects kindergarten School

He adds, "We work to develop that space for our clients where they emotionally get attached to it; it is not an empty sterile container but a sensual dynamic environment. Our spaces are not formulaic but are derived on the basic requirement of client and site. We feel each house, building or space has got its individual identity. Like human no two buildings can be same we as an architect have to give it an identity and soul so they can breathe and communicate."

"We believe a building is a Living object which can communicate; it is just that feeling that has to be reciprocated in a very sensitive approach towards our working. Whatever work executed by us one can find that soul or we have at least attempted to and keep on doing that."

Ar. Nikhil strongly believes that Architecture tell us about history all that has gone before which no other discipline can. He is of the view that architecture cannot be totally explained...but must be experienced.