Ar Swaviman Das

"Architecture is a unique intermix of forms, materials and lighting that comes together in unison to create interesting spaces."

Ar. Swaviman Das embarked in his creative journey from Kolkata, while doing fine arts. This ability to try to create something new and different on a canvas helped him develop his skills as an artist. Eventually his inclination towards art and design maturely evolved which propelled him to bag in notable awards. Gradually he decided on pursuing his studies in Architecture where his talent got the right direction. He used these foundation years to travel and explore diverse cityscapes and culture. His fondness for photography also drives him to interpret minute macro subjects in an unexampled and unique perspective.

After completing his B.Arch. he went on to pursue a Master's in Industrial Design from SPA, Delhi. A complete knowledge of Architecture and specialization in Industrial design gives him the extra edge when it comes to designing and evolving spaces and forms. He started his career as an Architect here in Delhi where he believed he would get the right platform. Initially set sailing in Product Designing, he worked with Philips India, research and development bay. Progressively with time, he permeated thru various avenues of Product design, lighting design, retail design, architecture and Interior design.

Geo Designs Project
Ar. Swaviman heads the team at Geo Designs, for the past 5 years now. He is the Principal Architect who has been involved with a wide range of Corporate, Commercial and Hospitality projects. They are currently working on several interesting projects including some in major metropolitan cities. A new inception and the current trend of Co-working spaces has really caught on as a concept. And Geo Designs with its expertise has clean swept pan India developing and designing trendy and quirky interactive workspaces.

His strengths include creating extremely versatile & innovative designs that are contextual and contributing to sustainability factors. His love for travel and nature allows for him to not just get inspired but it also reflects in his creations. Being immensely enthusiastic and a creative mind from the beginning he has been driving dynamic teams and rolling out unique projects. He tries to infuse new innovative solutions for all his projects, not just in terms of planning but also in terms of pragmatically creating new forms and spaces that help create a unique experience for its users.

Being inventive in his own demeanour, when it comes to contemplation of objectives, methods and practical execution, he does it effortlessly. He creatively designs to formulate a comprehensive outcome and ensures to accomplish the design to a level of perfection. Experimentation and innovation are the prime pillars of his imaginative self. He envisions to plan functionally sound space apt and adaptable for not only classes but masses as well.

"An aesthetical approach with efficient functionality infused processes a design from concept to execution."

Having a keen eye to detail and learning from whatever comes his way, he's been able to contribute by re-creating more to the present domain of art and architecture. After traversing through the challenges of time, space and acceptability, he has successfully delivered remarkable works in corporate and commercial interiors / Architecture. Keeping his mind open to opportunities and challenges when it comes to design, he aspires to enhance the productivity also and tends to contribute his own self to design and creation. Currently his new fad and whims are to design and launch "Solar powered public Commuter", which shall be an eye-opener soon.

The success mantra according to him is to: Always try and cook new design recipes and unleash the untouched aspects.