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"As designers we understand that design has the inherent power to transform our behaviors and to shape our culture. We need to make sure that the structures that are built today are well designed assets for the city. This would clearly define the way forward. Also, space is an essential commodity and is probably 'always never enough'. It has to be tactfully handled and has to be given a lot of emphasis in today's day and age."

ZZ Architects was founded in 2002 and has since become known for its contemporary Architectural and Design projects. An enviable roster of architectural projects alongside some of the country's most luxurious bespoke apartment and villa interiors, ZZArchitcts is led by Ar. Zubin Zainuddin and Ar. Krupa Zubin. After graduating from Mumbai University and gaining a significant experience working with leading firms of the country, they decided to set up their own venture. The journey from an eager and enthusiastic student of Architecture to one of the leading practitioners in India is replete with landmarks.

"It was a personal project that started it all. The staircase we designed for our own house won an award from the prestigious IIID and got a lot of recognition. It led to a few small private commissions and later on we decided to formalize our setup. The first ZZA studio although based in Navi Mumbai was known and was involved in doing high end projects in some major cities in India. Today, we have a state-of-the-art studio that houses a team of over 65 talented and passionate Architects and Designers. The studio has also earned a reputation of being one of the finest architectural design studios in the city and is a vibrant hub of creativity." The ZZA team is organic in nature and is made up of various teams specializing in different fields. The unusually diverse work the firm has completed includes award winning private residences, corporate spaces, hotels, hospitals, large master planning projects and commercial, industrial & institutional facilities. As a firm at any point of time we are involved in over 50 projects across categories. The design studio is currently involved in the projects for leading names in real estate sector to industrialists, politicians, celebrities and other private elite clients.

ZZ Architects Surat Hotel

ZZ Architects is best known for the high quality of work and its collaboration with some of the world's leading manufacturers. The firm believes that design cannot be categorized; it is a result of the client's needs and a response to the environment around us. "It's often the invisible nuances that make a visible difference", it's a quote we had framed in our office since we started and it's still close to our principle approach: Every detail counts. This approach not only guides the firm but enables it to maintain its position as one of the top design studios in the country. Economic Times Award for Leaders of Indian Infrastructure & Construction Outstanding Performance, AD50, CNBC CRISIL Real Estate Award, Society Interiors Award for Outstanding Contribution to Architecture & Design, Good Homes Award for Best Architect, Awards from IIA, IAD, IHE are some of the prestigious awards that ZZ Architects has received.

"Our inherent design perspectives, the myriad influences and our cultural paradigms help us bring in a fresh, innovative yet sound approach to design. The fact that we are well traveled, open to global design scenarios helps our work and our clients immensely."