Ar Amit Aurora Rahul Bansal

"Architecture is the perfect amalgamation between art and technology with rational and social implications."

Founded by Rahul Bansal and Amit Aurora, who graduated in 1993 from the esteemed School Of Planning and Architecture, DCA Architects as a design studio was spearheaded in 1996. Envisioned as a 360 degree integrated architecture and interior design solutions firm, the studio has over the last twenty years, successfully designed award-winning spaces and retail identities of various corporate and luxury Brands along with Luxury Stores, boutiques, restaurants, salons, residences, and other commercial work that has been implemented pan-India.

With a young and enthusiastic team of over 40 professionals, through their individual expertise, each of the partners has contributed towards the firm's robust image in the industry with a distinct focus of delivering Design excellence and innovation. Working with the best consultants in the industry, the approach is to deliver unique, context-specific and sensitive designs, and not follow market trends & become trend-setters instead. Their inimitable style and distinctive design approach can be appreciated in the designs of the stores of most luxury brands in the country as well as the more popular restaurants and cafes, setting new trends such as 'grunge' and 'industrial' design styles. Having recently been awarded the IIID Anchor Awards 2015 as a Regional Winner in the Leisure & Entertainment category, DCA Architects have been bestowed with several honors and accolades like U.S Green Building Council 2013- Platinum LEED Certification, IIID Anchor Awards 2013, VM-RD Retail Design Awards (2012-15) for their diverse range of projects.

On following the design philosophy while working on the project they say, "We remain true to each project's site, context, design, materials and conceptuality. Rather than following current trends, or pursuing gimmicky approaches, we believe in designing for the long-term wherein the designs are well balanced, contextual and appropriate. We make a conscious effort to minimize the impact on environment and use as many sustainable materials and technology as possible."

DCA Architects Luxury Stores

For them, any good design becomes a source of inspiration. It could be a chair, door knob, ashtray or even a large global project. They also try and find inspiration every day in the thoughts and actions of people around them.

Sharing their views on the current architectural trends they say, "Architecture today is strongly influenced by individualism and identity". In the future, Architecture and design will increasingly be re-defined in light of climate change, and shifts in ecosystem structure and function. Water scarcity, human rights violations as well as the complexity of building technology will play a major role in shaping the future world. As designers, they feel that it has given them a lot of artistic freedom and the ability to experiment with spaces and positively impact people's lives.

For Amit Aurora and Rahul Bansal, "passion and hard work are the two mantras for a successful life."