Ar Abin Chaudhuri

"Architecture is not merely about Creation, but also about a Search. From social aspects, to the mechanics of spaces and forms, from the beauty of light and shadow to striking a harmony with nature; it is essentially a continuing process of discovery."

Graduated from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 1998 and pursued Industrial Design at Domus Academy, Milan, Abin Chaudhuri founded Abin Design Studio (ADS) in 2005. Started as a small firm, ADS is now a frontline organization rendering complete design and management solutions right from conceptualization to realization of the space, object or visual in the market, keeping the synergy of execution of design solution through extensive research and innovation in mind. Over these 10 years, the firm has executed a range of diverse projects that have engaged many issues, multiple constituencies and varying scales, from Architecture and Interior design to urban Art intervention.

"We draw inspiration from small and big things, from things that surround us and ideas from across the globe. We appreciate design in every field and hope to grow with the collective growth of the world. There are many masters who have made their mark in the world of architecture, playing their part with their contribution towards this art. We also want to make a difference by becoming a respected architectural design firm globally with an experimental edge. We aim to contribute to a universal dialect of "responsible architecture, says Ar. Abin.

Apprising about his design philosophy, he says, "Our inherent design philosophy is to deal with every design problem at a fundamental level. We believe that a lasting experience is seldom about a first 'wow' and hence do not necessarily believe in a single 'big idea' approach. Our practice explores ways to engage the user, the way they move through spaces and interact with them. We like the fact that designing a space offers the opportunity to weave layers which unfold differently for different people. Our vision is to constantly explore new paradigms in an inherent desire to push boundaries in Architecture and lead our firm to an international level in the near future."

"We don't have a signature element but our each project is unique with its own merits. For us, it is important that our work not only inspires amazement once, but innumerable times after that; maybe even for many years to come. Our aim is to approach every project with a new thought, its own unique design vocabulary. This is important because every project is unique, with its own unique location, context, requirements, and of course the end user. It seems easy when you say it aloud, but you have to understand the social aspect, the significance of the materials used, and the users' response."

ADS Project

"It is the constant endeavour of ADS to set free built environment from the prevalent crustacean architecture and infill sustainability through a holistic approach of uniting architecture, interior, landscape, signage, and product design."

Due to its sustainable unique designs, work of ADS has been selected by Museum of Modern Art (MoMA, New York) to be showcased in their publication and travelling Exhibition Project, "Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanding Megacities, 2014". Further, ADS has received "The International Architecture award, 2015 " from The Chicago Athenaeum : Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Being featured in the prestigious South Asian cross border list of 'The 50 Most Influential Names in Architecture and Design for 2014, 2015, and 2016' ADS has bagged numerous international and national awards and innumerable publications in magazines worldwide over a slim span of 10 years. In a recent international publication, ADS has been nominated as one of top 50 young international design firms in the world who will be the leading light of world Architecture in 21st century.