Ar Sundeep Gwash

"Architecture bestows upon us an opportunity to make a difference to the world around us; we only need to accept it as we think, draw and write!"

Co-founded by Architects Sundeep Gwash and Vishal Shah in 1999, THE FIRM is a multi-disciplinary design practice, offering innovative and integrated architectural design solutions. Headquartered in Mumbai it has an overseas office in UK. Since 2003, it associated closely with Recording Architecture, London to cater to media facility industry as a separate focus, worldwide and in India.

Since inception, Sundeep heads 'Design & Technology' at the organization and has been responsible as Design Team Leader for a wide range of projects in the commercial, residential, educational, urban and leisure sectors. He has developed a reputation for high quality design, together with a passion for use of technology for design evolution. Having managed a series of highly complex projects, and driving the agenda of true partnering, he has been able to build and manage a team capable of delivering the highest client aspirations globally.

THE FIRM emerging as a truly multi-design practice over the years, resulted in building a wide spectrum of work, touching a multitude of businesses and that, according to Sundeep, is one of the best perks of being an architect! Influenced by multifarious interactions considering the mix of local and international projects during his early years in profession, he has gained a broader perspective for architectural issues.

With the current natural resources crisis in concern, he says that we all have to act like evangelists to save the environment! He regards architecture as a responsibility to make a difference by designing better facilities that run best and look great. It goes with the basis of their philosophy at work that Architecture is essentially the users' response, their emotional content, towards the spaces created. He reiterates the same from THE FIRM's diary of thoughts, 'We rather quantify our work by the lives touched; not the sq.m built!'

We have heard of famous phrase in architecture 'form follow function'; there are more the thinking architect has coined- 'form follows higher profitability', 'form follows by-laws'! These are few of the design challenges on the design board in today's scenario that he gets contemplative about.

The Firm Architecture

He likes to keep himself abreast with the latest of technologies in all fields touching building industry and at the same time tries to dig in the fundamentals, learning and adapting from intelligence of both.

He feels that future in India is full of hope; hope for fair laws, fair governance, fair contracts, fair patrons, fair work culture, fair quality of construction, fair practice, the list is long! For inspiration, he does not rely on only celebrated architects; Sundeep actually feels that we come across lots of good, meaningful, inspiring work happening in all corners of the world, by architects who may not be well-known!

On current architectural trends, he says, "Beauty is subject to choice, but virtuous design is impartially beautiful!" According to him, "Good architecture is a balancing act! It strives for design excellence, fulfills clients' aspirations and is sensitive to environmental concerns."

He truly believes that simply fulfilling the basic functional needs of a project often results in only mundane solutions. But including the more elusive and less utilitarian aspects, paves the way for higher architectural quality. Since there is so much to accomplish, he says that the journey has just begun!