Ar Deepak Mehta

"Architecture has always been the strongest visual medium to define the culture of a country. But the current trends in architecture place great emphasis on a functional approach. The building does not only need to look pretty from the outside but also needs to be responsive to the user and his requirements. Architects have become conscious of the way their projects will communicate with the society at large."

Ar. Deepak Mehta, Principal Architect, Deepak Mehta Architects believes Architectural practice isn't just another job. "It's become a part of me, it flows through your veins if you are passionate about it, becomes your life". As a child he had an exceptional interest in painting and music. Ar. Mehta credits his School Principal, for identifying his true potential and encouraging him to take up a profession in the creative field. He studied at Academy of Architecture Mumbai where his imaginative and visualizing skills were moulded to create designs that not only provided shelter but also pleasure to its occupants.

Post graduation his professional life started under the guidance of Ar. Porus Master. Following which he joined Ar. Hafeez Contractor. He recollects these initial few years as an extension of his academic learning. "I was exposed to the practicalities of the profession. Architecture was beyond only good designs. Strategic PR, marketing, management were also key ingredients to establish a successful practice." In 1985 he laid the foundation of his independent firm, Deepak Mehta Architects.

Deepak Mehta Architects
He started out with small projects for a few private developers. The major turning point in his career graph came with a variety of projects at New Bombay. "We ventured with our expertise into designing structures in the upcoming town of New Bombay till there came a time when almost every third project at New Bombay was ours. We have since then expanded our base on a national and global platform." His works have been appreciated and featured in various publications around the world with a special recognition as the 'Best Architect of the Year' by the Accommodation Times.

His design philosophy stresses upon creating architecture for the people. He wants his designs to be relatable to anyone who experiences his product. He has greatly been inspired by marvels created by Ar. Michael Graves and Ar. Zaha Hadid. Their conceptual outlook and effective planning strategies have served as integral influences in the works of Ar. Deepak Mehta. He states "Every new project that comes our way is taken up as a challenge. We are always excited and bubbling with new innovative ideas to successfully design and implement the project integrating the aspects and expectations of all the stakeholders involved."

He also professes the aspect of giving back to the society. "It is important to follow the guidelines prescribed by the client or the developers but it is even more important to create homes for the end users." He talks about his newly designed concept of 'Self help middle income group housing.' His architecture is always inspired from the past, built for the present to be remembered in the future. This initiative too caters to the growing population from the middle income group. "They are going to be our future clients and designing for them should be our goal today" The concept dwells on the idea where the developer prepares a bare shell while the occupants fabricate the interiors for themselves yet enjoying common facilities.

His 25 years long career has been fruitful journey. He firmly believes that there is no substitute to hard work which he has experienced in his academic career and has also been the key mantra to his successful professional career. His passion and love for architecture knows no boundaries. He Dreams Architecture, Breathes Architecture, Lives Architecture.